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The Benefit of Slow Travel

In a world where modern technology has allowed us to get from one place to another faster than ever before, there is something to be said for taking the time to explore a new destination in a slower, more thorough manner. Slow travel is the term used to describe taking the time to linger at a destination, rather than rushing from one place to another. This can include taking public transportation, staying in one place for weeks or months at a time, and making sure you give yourself enough time to really explore the area and all that it has to offer. There are many benefits to slow travel, including the following:

1. Increased Cultural Immersion

When you commit to slow travel, you give yourself more time to really get to know a place and the people who live there. This type of travel allows you to take the time to observe the everyday rhythm of life in that destination, and to really get to know the people who live there. This type of travel can also allow you to explore neighborhoods that are off the beaten path and that often don’t receive the attention of the larger cities.

2. Deeper Connections with Locals

Staying in one spot for an extended period allows you to establish relationships with locals that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to make if you were just passing through. You will be able to engage with locals in a way that a tourist would not have the time to do, deepening your understanding of the culture and gaining insight into the daily life of the people who call your destination home.

3. Better Appreciation of Local History and Culture

When you slow down and spend time exploring a destination, you give yourself the opportunity to appreciate the local history and culture in a way that is not possible when travelling quickly. You have more time to delve into the stories behind the places you visit and can even experience unique experiences such as museum tours and cooking classes.

4. More Opportunities to Meaningfully Participate in Local Life

When you slow down your travel, you give yourself more time to take part in the local culture. You can volunteer, get involved in community events and festivals, and even take classes or join co-working spaces in your destination. Taking the time to slow down your travels allows for these meaningful experiences, which can’t be replicated elsewhere.

In an increasingly rushed and hectic world, slow travel has become a way to still explore new destinations, but in a more meaningful and engaging way. It offers travelers the ability to dig deeper and explore a destination in a way that they never could if they were always on the go. With the benefits of increased cultural immersion, deeper connections with locals, better appreciation of local history and culture, and more opportunities to meaningfully participate in local life, it’s no wonder why slow travel continues to grow in popularity.


Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins Founder & Chairman – University of Business Ambassadors – UofBA, Inc., Non-profit